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Our environmental protection

You, Us and the Planet !

The environment and ecology are a top priority for the future of our planet.
At La Coutelière, we are sensitive to the beauty and quality of our environment. That is why, we have chosen to invest every day towards its preservation and the development of our natural areas. We are standing up for a better management of water, waste, energy and responsible purchasing.
Thanks to our privileged location at the heart of a protected area, we also offer an original holiday and respectful of nature and we favor local productions in short circuit.

Since 2012, La Coutelière has been awarded "Green Key" label by the FEEE association (European Federation for Environmental Education). This ecological label is a reward for the environmental approach implemented for several years on the campsite.

Attached to ecological values for several years, La Coutelière campsite has been labeled Green Key in 2012

Our eco-actions ?

We have taken several initiatives to respect the natural environment by sorting our rubbish into different types for recycling, collecting rainwater for our plants and shrubs, creating a compost area by recycling green waste, equipping the campsite with water savers  and energy saving bulbs, using Eco label or Ecocert labeled cleaning products, watering our hedges and trees with untreated well water, using no harmful pesticides but natural fertilizers, practicing hand-weeding, treating preventively our trees and shrubs to 'bouillie bordelaise', planting local species adapted to drought, moving on foot, on bike or in a golf car within the campsite, promoting exchanges via email, using the double-sided paper sheets for our printings...

Since 2021, the mobile application of La Coutelière Campsite allows us to reduce the distribution of brochures, flyers and other paper documentation in order to continue our efforts towards the "0 paper waste" objective. This digital and multilingual welcome booklet is ideal for preparing your stay and accessing tourist information about the region.

with your support, we are committed to sustainable tourism

2013-2014 : installation of 10 solar panels to generate hot water for the main shower block and to heat the pool area

2015 : creation of a wastewater treatment plant for treating our grey and dark water by reed bed filters, in order to reduce our impact on the environment

2016 : electricity consumption is now 100% renewable (hydro, biomass, solar and geothermal ernergy), always determined to strengthen our eco-responsibility commitment

2017 : new partnership with Luberon Natural Park to enhance natural and cultural resources and to develop a more social economy based on local solidarity

2018 : setting up nest boxes for blue tits and robins as well as insects houses, which lead us to receive the label of “Values of the Natural Regional Park” given by the Luberon Park

2019 : installation of a composter to reduce our bio-waste and to recycle food scraps (fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and tea bags) ans a hen house with about 20 chickens that lay excellent quality eggs

2020 : new outdoor LED lamps to achieve substantial savings due to the longer lifetimes for LEDs. The cost of this new renovation is expensive but fortunately we are reducing our bill by about 20% by switching to LEDs !

2021 : elimination of plastic bags at the grocery shop in favour of reusable jute shopping bags (jute is a resistant plant that grows in humid and hot areas, without irrigation or external treatments, unlike cotton). Planting 30 trees and more than 100 shrubs, favoring local species that save water and treatment.

2022 : replacement of our conventional gas boiler with a new energy efficient condensing gas boiler in the main sanitary block. This boiler is expected to save around 25% in energy costs.
Also installation of an accelerated charging station for electric or hybrid cars.

in 2023, we will create a second raw water network (non-drinking) to ensure the filling of the 3 pools of the aquatic area as well as the watering of the newly planted trees and flowerbeds !